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The Tuesday, October 31, 2023, morning report

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    The Cipher Brief’s Open Source Report is an extraordinary product and an important daily read for situational awareness on national security issues.

    General John R. Allen (Ret.) Former Commander of the NATO International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan

    I’m proud to be part of the network of experts at The Cipher Brief, which provides superb geopolitical advice and intelligence insights.

    Admiral James Stavridis Former Supreme Allied Commander, NATO

    The in-depth analysis The Cipher Brief provides, on all issues affecting our national security, written by some of the most senior and knowledgeable public and private sector experts, is truly unique and invaluable. It’s a must read for anyone interested in world affairs.

    Ambassador Joseph R. Detrani Former Director, National Counter Proliferation Center

    Congratulations to The Cipher Brief for actively promoting a national conversation – through conferences, analysis, and webinars at the highest level – on our country’s national security, intelligence capabilities, and challenges in confronting adversaries and competitors alike.

    Emile Nakhleh Former Member, CIA's Senior Intelligence Service

    The Cipher Brief has become required reading for national security decision-makers and practitioners. You can be certain that Cipher Brief articles are substantive in content and provide thoughtful analysis from expert professionals.

    John Sipher Former Member, CIA's Senior Intelligence Service

    The Cipher Brief is far from just another website pontificating about the subjects of the day without any credibility. With The Cipher Brief, you can always be sure that the authors actually know what they are writing about.

    Kevin Hulbert Former CIA Chief Of Station


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