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The 2024 Best Compact Mobility Scooters

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    Many aspects go into a mobility scooter’s overall usability. Consider the following elements when shopping for your new ride:

    Scooter dimensions. The length and width of the scooter must fit in the hallways and doorways of your home. Meanwhile, most airlines allow a lightweight scooter to be stored with cargo under the plane. “Some of them are really compact and do fold down to the size of a carry-on suitcase,” says Tim. “But generally, you transport the scooter like a big piece of luggage.”

    Turning radius. This term indicates the diameter of the smallest turn the scooter can make. The smaller the turning radius, the sharper turn a scooter can make. It also indicates easier maneuverability. Generally, 3-wheel scooters turn more easily than 4-wheel scooters, but they are less stable, says Tim.

    Top speed. Most lightweight mobility scooters are slow, traveling at a maximum speed of 4 to 5 miles per hour.

    Travel range. The distance a scooter can travel on a single charge is important to consider if you’re planning for all-day use. Some travel up to 6 miles per charge while others can go as far as 18 miles per charge. You can increase the range of some scooters by using larger batteries.

    Maximum weight capacity. Most scooters can safely carry drivers of up to 250 to 350 pounds. The heavier the driver, the shorter the distance the scooter can travel before needing to be recharged.

    Battery life. Batteries can last two to three years, says Tuchler, depending on how often the scooter is used, among other factors.


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