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Paleo Pines: Fast Money Earning Strategies

Money, referred to as Shells, is a valuable resource in Paleo Pines. Here, you can learn how to make Shells quickly.

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As a farming sim game, money is a necessity in Paleo Pines. You can earn money in a variety of ways, and this money to purchase items from various vendors. At the start of a game, you will have a limited amount of money, called Shells, and it can be hard to get started to earn more.

In this guide, we are going to go over some of the best ways that you can make some money. Once you get the hang of making money, you will be rolling in Shells in no time! Now, let's look at the best way to earn this currency.

Earning Money Through Farming

paleo pines farming on ranch with dino in background

The best way to earn money is by farming. Early into the game, you will be able to buy some seeds from Granny and then plant them on your ranch. On certain days, you can even obtain free seeds that blow onto the ranch.

Farming is quite simple; just use your hoe to dig up some ground, toss the seeds down, and then water them! After waiting for the growing period to end, harvestable plants will sparkle. Interact with these crops to add them to your inventory.

If you want your crops to grow quicker, try sleeping! A day will pass, and your crops will grow.

paleo pines selling carrots UI

With crops in hand, all you need to do is head to Pebble Plaza and sell them to Corlan.

Crops are extremely lucrative when it comes to quickly making money. For example, rather than planting carrot seeds and getting one carrot, you will obtain a bunch. With just ten plots growing carrots, this means that you can harvest dozens when they are fully grown.

For the best crop yield and quality, be sure to plant seeds during the correct season in appropriate soil. You can check out each crop's preferences from your journal.

Complete Requests On The Town Board

paleo pines town board quest

The final method to make some Shells is to complete requests on the Town Board. This is a wooden board found right behind the fountain in Pebble Plaza. Here, you can accept little fetch quests around town that usually reward some Shells.

For example, in the image above, you can see that Owynn would like a notebook. If you successfully complete this request, you will earn 90 Shells.

Some requests are very simple as well, such as bringing Marlo a few pieces of wood. We suggest carrying around some basic materials with you, just in case someone requests them on the Town Board. When this happens, you can quickly accept the quest and get your money.

Overall, these are the two main methods to make money, however, you can sell pretty much anything that you are holding on to, such as foragables and stone. Try not to sell everything though, or you won't have enough building materials for yourself!

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