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For the Next Bull Run, How Much Polygon (MATIC) Will Make You Rich?

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Crypto has been trending sideways for a while.

Boring AF.

Just look at the fear and greed index:

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It can’t be more neutral than that.

But monotony brings other gifts.

When nobody pays attention, that’s when you accumulate. Once everybody is back, probably by the 2025 bull run, you’ll be comfortably stacked up. Now is the time to get ahead.

I already wrote about how much BTC, ETH, ADA, and SOL you need to be rich by 2025, so it’s time for a MATIC breakdown.

Since I don’t know your financial goals, let’s assume the following for this calculation:

  • MATIC will reach at least its previous all-time high ($2.92) and get to the popular $10 mark.
  • 2.3-year timeframe: this means selling MATIC during the next bull run when there’s a lot of hype but maximum greed hasn’t been reached yet. So, in August 2025.
  • We’ll take 1 MATIC at $0.87 (since it has varied between 0.83 and 0.90 in the last 2 weeks).

For each country, I’ll add the expected net worth that gives you the title of “rich” (considered as being in the top 10%). I’ll stick to this website to determine the amount of wealth in dollar terms for each country.

Why Polygon?

Polygon (and its native token MATIC) is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to improve its scalability and usability.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum which struggle with scalability, resulting in slow (BTC) and expensive (ETH) transactions, Polygon addresses this with sidechains. These sidechains can process transactions more efficiently and at a higher throughput than the main Ethereum chain. Polygon offers lower transaction costs and faster confirmation times making it more suitable for everyday transactions.

Polygon is designed to be interoperable. It allows a seamless transfer of assets and…


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