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To support third-party apps, Tesla releases official API documentation - Slashdot

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    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Electrek: Tesla has officially released its API documentation to support third-party apps -- after years of operating in a gray zone with an unofficial API. For now, it is geared toward fleet management, but developers are hoping it is a first step toward creating a healthy app ecosystem. [...] So far, it still only covers the command that you can send to your car through the Tesla app, and it can ping the data from your car that goes to the app. In short, it is going to make official all the third-party fleet management apps, smartwatch integration apps, etc.

    In the documentation, Tesla writes that all third-party apps are going to have to go through the new API starting next year: "Following the release of Tesla Vehicle Command SDK support for REST API vehicle command endpoints is now reaching end of life. Starting 2024 most vehicles will require sending commands via Tesla Vehicle Command SDK." Tesla put together a process to onboard those apps on its website. If you are using some of those apps, you will likely receive a notification to give them official authorization to access car data.


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